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NLP 'SECRETS' from The Way To Wellness:

Have you ever wondered how NLP teaches you to be an excellent communicator? When The Way To Wellbness conducts NLP Training’s we include some compelling ways to use your communication skills to achieve the greatest results. Many people want to learn how to use ‘embedded commands’ so that other people won’t be able to tell they are making covert ‘suggestions.’ It’s true that ‘embedded commands’ can be effective, however, would it surprise you to learn, right now, that there is a rapid, deceptively easy tool that can get results even more rapidly than learning the ins and outs of embedded commands? It’s simple! Ask questions!

Have you met many people who weren’t interested in talking about themselves? Neither have I. Questions hold so many answers, and they can be incredibly subtle and revealing as people begin to answer them. Because, when hen you frame a question in a certain way, it may unconsciously guide the person toward their unique strategy for sorting and processing information, and therefore illuminate a way toward their goal. Let me illustrate:

Client: I really don’t know what I want.

NLP Coach: What is it like when you do know?

Suddenly the person answering the question must begin to search through their experiences to find the answer. And since energy flows where attention goes, this can be a way to guide behavior and allow the client to set about solving their own problem, for good.

Follow up questions might be:

NLP Coach: How do you feel when you know exactly what you want? What do you see, and hear? Where are you, now that you know? Can you imagine that you are completely confident that you do know what you want, now?

A few of you reading this may have already imagined that there are a few ‘imbedded commands’ and a few time-warps in those questions, or they may simply fly ino your unconscious mind. And, that’s perfect.

Now, what is it like when you envision experimenting with these tools in your life today? Is that what it’s like when you suddenly begin to smile without even noticing it? How do you feel when you notice that smile on your face? Funny, isn’t it?

Would you agree that energy goes where attention goes? That’s right, it does.

Let’s begin to go a bit deeper into this subject. Let’s say that you have inquired about getting trained in NLP. I might then ask:

What is important to you when you take a Training?

You might offer words like: value, tools, knowledge, credibility in my field. Those would be your ‘criteria.' In other words, those are the ‘hot buttons’ that I could use to influence you because you have just told me they are important. Are you shocked that I would tell you that? Well, you haven’t heard anything yet. Wait until you take an NLP Training and find all the tools and valuable knowledge you will be able to apply to your field! Wow! What credibility you’ll have!

Now for a few more provocative questions to stir your mind:

  • Has it ever occurred to you that you are perfect, exactly as you are?
  • Has it ever occurred to you that you are unique in all the world and that you are amazing?
  • Has it ever occurred to you that you have all the tools for prosperity you need inside of you, and that all you have to do is unlock that treasure?

Now when your desire for more knowledge about NLP becomes really important to you, we can train you, as quickly as you need to proceed. You can find out more about our NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training’s. We’d love to hear from you, as quickly as… right now!

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