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THE WAY TO WELLNESS concept of "Amazing Stress Solutions For Small Spaces" was created by Lynda Wells and Lily Cohen following the events of 9/11. Lily's entire career has run the gamut of body/mind/spirit connections, teaching and transforming the lives of many people throughout the world. She has observed the constant effect of stress in her native Israel, and has developed techniques that have kept her constantly in demand to affect significant transformation in others.

In late September, 2001, Lynda, volunteering with the Red Cross, took a video of Lily's work down to Ground Zero in New York and watched as firefighters, police officers, Red Cross volunteers, and construction workers gravitated towards the film that was appearing on the large screen television in one of the "oasis" areas of a Red Cross Respite. There wasn't room for a full "workout" but the exercises that were being shown didn't require a large area. And, as the highly stressed workers began making those small movements, the stress seemed to magically drain from their bodies.

So, that is how this video came about. The destruction of the World Trade Center was enormously catastrophic in many people's lives. Those of us who were privileged to serve there knew this was not "ordinary" stress. But, what really IS "ordinary" stress? Probably it is someone else's stress, not yours!

As we add more and more "timesaver" gadgets and gizmos to our lives, we seem to have actually saved very little, and simply added more and more stress to our busy lives.

This is a timesaver that will truly allow you

to control your stress levels!

Sample Clips

Inventive and graceful, Lily Cohen demonstrates an effective Tai Chi workout that requires very little space and can be done while standing up. She next treats viewers to a similar amazing demonstration of how a person can reduce stress by exercising the whole body while sitting in an office chair. Finally, she shows relaxation and fitness exercises that can be done even in the confined space of a narrow airplane seat during flight.

With an extensive background in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Tai Chi, Shiatsu, and Feldenkrais Therapy, Cohen has developed exercises for shoulders, neck, arms, hands, legs, feet, and back. Cohen’s programs were used by emergency staff attending to the evens of Sept. 11, 2001, in New York City. Suggest the delightful “The Way To Wellness, Stress Solutions For Small Spaces” to all busy professionals – and have a sneak practice session yourself in the back of your store!
"After reviewing many exercise DVD's to recommend to my patients I have come up with a real winner: STRESS SOLUTIONS FOR SMALL SPACES recently released in the US by The Way To Wellness, Inc. As a Psychiatrist who accents healthy nutrition in her practice it is a joy to discover such elegant, easy and effortless exercises that CAN really make a difference in the holistic body. Just a few minutes a day with Lily Cohen can work a miracle or two. I recommend it highly. (Oh, and my clients actually DO them!)"

Priscilla Slagle, MD Best-selling author of The Way Up From Down

When I was first introduced to Lily Cohen and her amazing knowledge of the body human, including its connections to the mind and spirit that few were talking about several years ago in London, I had no idea what a permanent impact she would have on my life. I was in constant pain, struggling to get through each day of rehearsals for an important play, and was fearing that my career might be over if I couldn't get help. Lily's exercises transformed me. They saved my life. Literally. And, they were the same exercises that are on this DVD. How fortunate we all are that we can now "carry Lily with us!" I would suggest that you buy this, and never leave home without it, or even better, have one at home and one you carry with you. I certainly know that it will be my forever companion...backstage or on the back lot shooting a film. Bravo, Lily! Keep up the good work!

Sian Phillips, World Renowned Actress, Singer. Stage, Film, Television.

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